Frigida products represent highly professional cooling equipment catering for small, medium and Mass Retailers, such as supermarkets and food shops. The high technology of the products, with their unique design, functionally combines with display requirements, fully using the surfaces for unrivalled product display. The refrigerated shelves, as well as the islands and cabinets are available with natural refrigerants in plug-in or remote version, to meet any needs.


We are expert in cooling

We research it and we monitor it to achieve perfection in food preservation and thus improve.

High efficiency due to glass door equipped cabinets.

  • Glass door equipped cabinets provide high efficiency in energy saving compared to conventional open units and also Frigida’s capacity is extremely huge due to the shelf depth of 60 cm regarding its similar models with 30-40 cm shelf depth.
  • Frigida is 100% free of CFC and PFC.

Frigida's key benefits

  • Frigida’s standard air curtain technology on open multideck display leads to both energy saving and securing the interior temperature of products, food and beverages And also it’s air flow management system controls products temperature to efficiently save more energy.
  • Frigida applies PLC system for easy access of remote control. This exclusive software professionally observes all the condensing units and their operating features that are installed all over the world.