After sales services

Frigida guarantees its equipment and services against any defects related to the parts and the work performed on it for one year from the date of dispatch of the specialized team of the organization for the initial installation of the equipment. The purpose of this warranty is to protect and support the final consumers from possible defects, repair and free replacement of defective parts as follows:

  1. The warranty period may vary based on the agreement of the parties indicated in the contract.
  2. Replaced parts will be guaranteed for six months or the remainder of the warranty period (whichever is longer).
  3. Equipment will be subject to “replacement parts” in cases where it has been completely replaced.
  4. During the warranty period, only legal representative of Frigida has the authority to decide whether to repair or replace defective parts.
  5. As long as the warranty is available to the employer, the devices will be serviced by the technicians of the installation unit under the provisions of the warranty or contract between the organization and the employer.


Frigida excludes the following from the after-sales services:

  • Normal Depreciation of Parts
  • Opening and moving parts by other people
  • Deterioration of equipment due to corrosion, accident, improper maintenance or improper use

Apply of any changes to the equipment, use of miscellaneous spare parts or repair by unauthorized people