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Floeberg Ice cream freezer

Ice cream freezer is one of the essential equipment for stores such as grocery stores, dairies, hypermarkets and supermarkets. Because ice cream is one of the best-selling and most popular desserts in most countries, and stores make a lot of money each year by selling ice cream, proper storage is important to maintain flavor, shape, and prevent spoilage. . This freezer with its purposeful equipment, in addition of maintaining the right temperature for keeping ice cream healthy, is designed for more sales due to its visual appeal. More over with sliding glass doors, provides full access and excellent visibility, and due to its appropriate dimensions. Can be used in a variety of store formats.

Iceberg freezer

The Iceberg plug-in freezer with spacious space and optimal energy consumption is suitable for all types of retail stores such as supermarkets or convenience stores. The three-walled doors of the product with Low E cover and the use of coil elements minimize the possibility of creating and remaining steam on the glass and make it ideal to display the arranged goods.

The temperature range of the product is suitable for storing all kinds of special goods such as meat and its products, dairy products and other goods that need to be kept at low temperatures.