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Condensing unit Slim pack model

Slim pack condensing unit is one of the products of Frigida refrigeration group, which with its features such as minimum sound production, maximum efficiency, reliability and easy installation, has a wide range of applications in providing cold with limited capacity.

Low weight and easy to move, as well as cost-effectiveness, are other features of this product, as well as very small external dimensions, making it suitable for use in stores with low area.

Condensing unit SF model

Frigida condensing units are manufactured taking into account the different conditions of product use. Therefore, they can be offered in different models and functions according to the needs of customers.

The single-fan condensing unit uses powerful scrubber motors to create cooling in industrial refrigerators with different capacities.

Condensing unit 1800

Condensing Unit 1800 is one of the Frigida condensing units that has been manufactured with the support of refrigeration systems with different capacities. While choosing the type of compressor, the cooling capacity can be adjusted according to the capacity of the refrigerators, and at the same time, by consuming the least amount of energy, it ensures the creation of the same temperature in the cabins.

In this type of units, by using protective components such as accumulators, high-capacity receivers, as well as vertical and horizontal stabilizers, the possibility of any leakage and return of liquid to the compressor is minimized and ensures a longer life of the compressor.