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Beverage refrigerator

Beverage refrigerator is the practical equipment which is used in variety of store formats. Cold drinks are a strategic commodity due to their popularity and low price, and constitute an important part of unplanned sales. Therefore, keeping them at the right temperature and placing them in the customer’s view will increase their sales. Frigida beverage refrigerator is designed and produced as a plug-in motor by considering the various dimensions for different stores. This makes it possible to place the refrigerator in the store in confined spaces.

Frostberg refrigerator HF

Frostberg plug-in refrigerator are equipped with double-glazed doors, Not only provides a complete display of layout products, also eliminates energy loss. The refrigerator uses an anti-icing system.

Due to the possibility of adjusting the refrigerator temperature, a full range of products including daily products, meat, fruits and vegetables can be arranged in this product.


Frostberg refrigerator Eco

Economic model of Frostberg refrigerators are new products from Frigida which has been provided in two case: with and without door.

In order to keep the refrigerator indoor temperature during store closures, a night curtain is installed on the product.

This model is plugin so it is suitable for all different type of stores with different space.