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Hiberg refrigerator

The use of a central engine system (remote) in industrial and commercial refrigerators,  result in managing energy consumption. The multideck Hiberg Refrigerator is one of the Frigida remote products that is ideal for a variety of retail stores that provides a spacious space.

In this refrigerator using air curtain technology, the customer’s access to the inside of the refrigerator is very simple and fast.

This product is produced in various depths for different applications.

Also, to avoid loss of power and energy during unused times, , a night curtain is installed on the product

Hiberg refrigerator HF model

Maintaining the internal temperature of the refrigerator is one of the features that are very important in the operation of the refrigerator. For this purpose, in store refrigerator and freezer, the use of double-glazed doors has a great impact on maintaining the internal temperature and managing energy consumption.

Curved handles with ergonomic design facilitate the opening of the door. more over spring mechanism prevent the unnecessary opening of the doors .

Hiberg refrigerator HN model

This product is a refrigerator with glass doors, which has made it possible to display the product specifically due to the frame less doors. Product doors can be hinged or sliding according to the customer’s order.

The air conditioning system installed in Frigida refrigerators has provided the possibility of storing food in the best conditions. For this purpose, the back panels of the product are designed and produced as a punch, which circulates the air flow at the ideal level.

Hiberg refrigerator slim model

Slim refrigerator can be ordered in two models: with or with out door. The Slim Air Curtain Refrigerator is equipped with an energy consumption management system, and its smaller dimensions make it possible to use it in a variety of stores of different sizes compared to other refrigerators.

Air curtain refrigerators are very popular in retail stores due to the ease with which customers can access their products. Therefore, its types can be ordered in various dimensions among frigida products.

Hifresh f&v refrigerator

Keeping foodstuffs stay fresh , especially fruits and vegetables, is one of the great importance to retailers and customers. Fresh fruit and vegetable stores require equipment that enables easy product layout, convenient product display and easy access.

Hifresh fruit & vegetable Refrigerator is a new product from Frigida . This product has two wheeled shelves which made it easy to move. The lighting in the upper part of it helps to make the product look better.

This product is a central engine and can be combined with multiple cabins to create the required capacity for different stores